ChildLife Wooden Playsets

ChildLife playsets are designed to help children learn and grow. Since 1945, ChildLife Playsets have earned a world-class reputation for outstanding quality and safety. Want to learn more? Talk to your ChildLife dealer today!
Safety, quality & environmental sustainability
  • Quality lumber & better construction
  • Meets ASTM requirements for quality and safety
  • Recessed & capped hardware
  • Dacromet coated hardware resists rust
  • Specially formulated, non-toxic, water based stain/sealant
  • Lifetime limited warranty
Angled bases vs. Square bases
The angle based playset offers great flexibity for added playset accessories, more stability on unlevel yards, and more space under the playset deck for backyard fun.
The square based playset means you can turn the area under the playset deck into many things including shaded sandbox, picnic table, or dance floor. This swingset is a classic that any family will enjoy for backyard fun.
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