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1945 – ChildLife Swing Sets started it all

ChildLife®, The Original Premium Wooden Swing Set manufacturer, was founded by a World War II veteran who, upon returning home, sought an alternative to heavy wooden swings for his daughters, and thus developed soft, flexible seats from conveyor belt material. He suspended the swings from a cedar frame, and the Premium Wooden Swing Set industry was born.

1965 – Serving families from coast to coast

ChildLife swing sets gained momentum across the United States and abroad. Customers included the Kennedy family at the White House. In our seventh decade of doing business as Child Life, we have earned a world-class reputation for outstanding quality and safety in swing sets, while bringing fun to families in all 50 states and around the globe!

Today – Swing set quality to learn and grow with

ChildLife swing sets are designed to help your children learn and grow. Share in your children's excitement as they accomplish and master important new developmental milestones. From your baby's first swing to an older child's thrill of climbing to the top of one of our rock walls, you'll see it all happen again and again, right in your own backyard.

A proven reputation for quality and safety - Since 1945.

President John F. Kennedy trusted ChildLife for his children. Here, Caroline is pictured pushing John-John in his swing on the White House lawn in 1962.
JFK had a ChildLife Playset.